About Cn3D Construction

I think Scott Adams said it best (creator of Dilbert); there are a limited amount of people inventing new tools but not many showing us how to use them. We are left to follow suit, with limited instructions. All of us here at Cn3D Construction have spent years of working in the construction industry and we have noticed the gap between technology that helps us build better and the implementation of those tools. We are here to fill that gap. We are an exceptional team that enjoys teaching and sharing information.

Advancing technology is swift, difficult to understand and completely out of our control. However, we can show you in simple terms the options available today. We will help you avoid digital fatigue; the confusion of not knowing which technology, software or trend to trust, how much money to invest and who is the right person(s) to train. Our energetic presence transcends into passion for our craft. Whether we are sharing building information modeling, cloud computing or live drawings our motivation is your success. Our goal is to help YOU and our industry be the best it can be, given the immense and noble responsibility we have of providing people shelter and public resources.


Provide value foremost

  • Regardless of our deliverables the utmost deliverable is value to your organization.

Have no boundaries

  • We provide services and training in our own backyard and internationally.

Evolve and adapt

  • We embrace innovation and help you navigate what trends are right for you.


  • Communication is how we understand your needs, explain our work and involve the entire team.

Put your needs first

  • After all, it is your project and meeting your needs is what gets the job done well.


  • We share our expertise with you through training and through service.

Are well-rounded

  • Our experience ranges from construction superintendents to software experts.

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